The Team

Devil’s Cider is a group of creative and talented artists, programmers and game designers from all around the Golden Horseshoe.

Picture of Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons

Creative Director, Graphic Programmer and Visual FX Artist

Chris has a strong ability to quickly create powerful shaders focusing on preformance .

Picture of Christine Harte

Christine Harte

Lead Artist, Character Artist, Concept Artist and Social Media Manager

Christine's ability to get the most out of each poly allows her to make impressive models that are very efficient.

Picture of Chelsea Saari

Chelsea Saari

Lead Animator, Character Artist, Environment Artist and Programmer

Chelsea displays great skill and ability in her animations which both look amazing but implement seamlessly with game play.

Picture of Paul Boyko

Paul Boyko

Lead Programmer and 3D Environment Asset Artist

Paul has the ability to quickly develop and implement stable code allowing for a more iterative approach to game development.